It is our mission to disrupt any industry that serves people by creating tools focused on minimizing everyone's wait through the use of AI and automatic 2-way coordination.

Welcome to Floqque! We set out to create a smart system to help manage the flow between customers and service providers.  We are building an AI-driven Customer FLOw Management System to take care of the QUEue for you.

floqque  (flo·que)

/flō-kyo͞o/ or /We-don't-care-what-you-call-us-just-call-us/

Floqque Core Values

Birds migrating in a V formation against a colorful sunset.

Migration is a Part of Life

We are obsessed with flow and finding new ways to remove obstacles. We understand the need to turn on a wing to reach our destination.

Yellow and red parrots on bar fighting and flapping wings at each other.

Innovate, Never Parrot

We applaud innovation in ourselves and our work and reinvent ourselves regularly to keep our passion alive.

White stork teaching fledglings to fly from nest.

Spreading Our Wings

As a diverse flock, we each have different experiences, strengths, and knowledge. It is through this diversity that we find balance and synchronistic flight as a company. We are a team of bright individuals who respect and encourage each other to speak up and share knowledge and ideas.

Emperor eagle soaring against a golden sunset.

Letting Our Ambitions Soar

We support each other’s passions and explore new paths to help us achieve our mission. We look to the horizon for new and exciting opportunities, while maintaining a healthy level of humility and self-awareness.

Flock of birds arranged in the shape of a heart.

Taking Joy in the Flight

Even as we work hard to reach our destination, we take time to enjoy the world around us.  We recognize landmark achievements and celebrate milestones as a flock.

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Most people spend 5 years of their lives waiting: for service, for appointments, for customers. Technology can remove the wait and hassle for both customers and service providers.

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