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How Existing Scheduling Services Can Use Predictive Virtual Queuing to Dominate Their Market

July 16, 2021 by Mike Wozniak

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True story:  

The other day I was waiting for a table at a local restaurant. Business was brisk, and the hostess was obviously harried. The eatery accepts reservations, but that wasn’t making the job easier for the staff, as patrons still had a long wait before being seated and served.
I had called to make a reservation and even arrived 15 minutes early, but then the hostess told me they were running 30 minutes behind.
Eventually, the hostess resorted to jotting names down on a napkin to help her organize the wait. I couldn’t believe that with all the technology available today, this was the best they could do!
An industry still using pen and paper to manage customers is just begging to be disrupted with technology.
-Mike Wozniak

What is Predictive Virtual Queuing?

Digital systems have made communication simpler and more accurate, yet they have not offered a way around the inherent randomness of actual human activity in real-time. Predictive Virtual Queuing all but eliminates gaps and uncertainties in managing the flow of customers or clients arriving at a business.

Floqque's Predictive Virtual Queuing (PVQ) technology is designed to add a new level of intelligence to the systems currently used by service providers. Floqque neatly re-arranges customer flow to deal with last minute cancellations, no-shows, and all the myriad inconveniences that can get in the way of smooth operations.

Floqque also helps prospective customers find service providers and restaurants in their area with availability when they want it, in real-time.

The tool’s patent-pending algorithm uses AI, GPS, and automatic 2-way coordination to merge reservations and waitlists into a single, steady flow of happy customers.

It’s an Opportunity Too Enticing to Ignore!

While service-scheduling software is great, the fact that so many service providers still rely on a manual process indicates a huge opportunity to use AI-based scheduling systems to make life simpler for everyone. This technology obviously enhances existing scheduling services, and it offers many other benefits as well. For instance, Floqque opens up an opportunity for scheduling system developers to gain the business of smaller enterprises, who want to attract more customers without the hassles associated with traditional “call to make an appointment” systems.

Integrating AI into an existing scheduling system will provide the ability to monitor a customer’s approach to business locations using GPS and automatically re-prioritize their position based upon traffic or unforeseen obstacles. Predicted calculations using customer and provider historic profiling will detect hotspots and vastly reduce wait times and gaps in workflow for business owners, allowing them to serve more customers.

Floqque’s patent-pending technology integration will increase your system’s ability to produce a more reliable stream of customers, who are already happier, because they’ve been kept up-to-date on availability based on their expected arrival time. Customers have the added benefit of seeing the aggregated data of service providers’ availability on a map in the FloqMarketplace, which can provide advertising opportunities and exposure for service providers who are experiencing a lull in business.

The Ride-Share Precedent

This concept isn’t new.  Ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft have successfully eliminated the middleman – i.e., the taxi dispatcher – by opening direct communications between riders and drivers, and using GPS to orchestrate traffic flow. These apps make the process of getting from Point A to Point B easy, seamless, and relatively inexpensive.

From internet purchases of airline tickets to online marketplaces to getting in line for an amusement park ride, industries have been increasingly adopting the practice of allowing these direct customer-to-service provider communications. This change brings about far greater efficiencies and satisfaction levels for all parties.

Scheduling services can now be taken to greater heights by combining reservations and waitlists using Anticipated Flow State calculations that provide a bird’s eyed view of the flow of customers approaching your customer’s establishment.

An industry still using pen and paper to manage customers is just begging to be disrupted with technology.  Floqque’s Predictive Virtual Queuing is the technology to disrupt.

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Take Flight with Floqque

Every single service provider asked has said the #1 scheduling problem they have is caused by late arrivals, last minute cancellations, and no shows, causing empty tables, fragmented schedules, and lost revenue. Scheduling systems are already an important tool for service providers, but using AI, THIS new technology is a game-changing innovation.

The question is, do scheduling system providers even know that this is a problem, and are they ready to do something about it?

The patent on Floqque technology is pending. Rather than sit around and wait, we are seeking out like-minded companies who want to benefit from our mission to create this new AI-driven marketplace, so that together, we can minimize wait times while maximizing both customer satisfaction and income for service providers.

We want to know your thoughts and questions about the technology, the interface, the possibilities, and how it can help your customers. Be sure to check out the Floqque Vision of a Universal Way to Get in Line and Get a Table.

Are you ready to improve your technology and offer a far superior product to your customers? Leave a comment below, call, or chat with our team to get in on the possibilities (and profits) that Floqque has to offer.

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For more than 30 years, Mike has used his passion for finding innovative ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses through the use of technology to redefine the way things are done. He is the founder of Floqque.com and SoftwareKey.com. When not saving the world from boring, mundane tasks, Mike likes to travel and can be seen performing burpees at sites around the world.

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