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Our Vision

Tools for People Who Don't Like Waiting

Throw out EVERYTHING you know about Reservations, Appointments, and Waitlists.  Predictive Virtual Queuing is here to re-define the way people are served!

The #1 scheduling problem for entire service industry is the lack of communication after an appointment or reservation is made. We are creating tools to enable effective 2-way coordination between customers and service providers, minimizing everyone's wait.

Unique Solutions For:


Once a reservation is made, the lack of two-way customer communication often leaves “open” tables and inefficiencies in managing the flow of hungry customers.

We help remove these inefficiencies so that your restaurant can enjoy a steady flow of happy customers.

Service Providers

Service providers only make money when they are seeing clients. Cancellations and no-shows hurt revenue when they don't have a reliable and timely way of contacting people from a standby list.

We help free you of the stress of a fragmented schedule so you can focus on doing what you love.


Your time is limited, which means you don't want to waste it sitting in a waiting room, calling around to find a reservation, or waiting at a busy hostess stand just to put your name on a list.  

We help you reclaim your free time so you can sit back and enjoy the service. 


Anyone who has tried to organize a group get together knows that figuring out where, when, and how many is worse than herding cats.  Then, coordinating this event with a restaurant that will accommodate the group only adds to this frustration.

We help you get your ducks in a row and make group outings great again

Bird's-eye view of restaurant availability.

Introducing: Predictive Virtual Queuing

Travel websites aggregate inventory from many different participating providers. People don’t even think twice about using the services when booking accommodations in a city.

We have developed patent-pending algorithms to do the same for the service industry.  Whether you are looking for a barber in the next 90 minutes or a restaurant during peak dinner time two Saturdays from now, our app will find you the providers offering the shortest wait.

Are You Tired of Waiting?

Most people spend 5 years of their lives waiting: for service, for appointments, for customers. Technology can remove the wait and hassle for both customers and service providers.

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