You Have Better Things to do Than Sit Around and Wait

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Do any of these sound familiar:

  • Running late for a reservation, so you drop someone off to check-in while you park so you don't lose your table?
  • Can't get an appointment for the date or time that you want, and there is no waitlist, so you have to keep checking back for any new openings?
  • Try to walk in for service and are turned away or have to wait because of people holding appointments or reservations that aren't there yet?
  • Need a last minute/emergency service (massage, back adjustment, haircut, etc.) and their only offer for you is "come in and we'll try to fit you in."?

We haven't just heard stories like these, we've experienced stories like these.  It's not right that you have to waste your time waiting.

When you use FloqTime™, we make it easy to be served as soon as you walk in the door:

Sign up for FloqTime, select an area of town for the date and time you want.

Two flamingoes standing.

Let FloqTime do all the heavy lifting, like adjusting your place in line based on changes to your arrival time.

Bypass the line with automatic check-in so that your can relax, sit back, and enjoy the service.

FloqTime™ is the technology you need to cure the "hurry up and wait" syndrome.

Don't worry, we don't ask you to sign a contract or give us your credit card.  We also won't sell your data to outside companies.

What you can expect:

  • FloqTime's Bird's-Eye View will display expected wait times in the area for the date and time you choose.
  • Automatic integration with your calendar, and notifications when they are running behind.
  • Running late?  FloqTime will adjust your place in line based on your new expected arrival time.
  • Automatic check-in when you are close so that you can bypass the line and be served right away.

What you might not have considered:

  • Do you really want to call around to find an open table when you're driving home with a car full of hangry people?
  • If they're running behind and you're not, you'll have to wait around until they're ready for you.
  • Getting hold of a restaurant to check availability and confirm or change a reservation is time-consuming. 
  • What if you reserved the wrong date or location?


We love to see people enjoying themselves when they go out.  We want to remove the hassle from making plans, and we are creating tools to do just that.  Sign up now and start living your life instead of waiting for things to happen.

Are You Tired of Waiting?

Most people spend 5 years of their lives waiting: for service, for appointments, for customers. Technology can remove the wait and hassle for both customers and service providers.

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