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Table Management: The High Cost of Inaccurate Wait Time Quotes

Empty tables cost restaurants money, but many restauranteurs don’t know what this actually means in dollars and cents.Every patron who

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El Arroyo restaurant sign that says "When I say I'm hungry we got about 23 min until I'm a different person."

Real-Time Restaurant Seating – Call Ahead, but Skip the Call

When was the last time this happened to you?  You’re in the car with your family, late in the day. The

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Fortune teller looking into crystal ball trying to predict the future.

How Existing Scheduling Services Can Use Predictive Virtual Queuing to Dominate Their Market

True story:  The other day I was waiting for a table at a local restaurant. Business was brisk, and the hostess

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Are You Tired of Waiting?

Most people spend 5 years of their lives waiting: for service, for appointments, for customers. Technology can remove the wait and hassle for both customers and service providers.

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