Gaps in Your Schedule Cost You Money

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How often does this happen:

  • A new client books an appointment, but doesn't show up at the designated time or cancels the day of the appointment.
  • Someone walks in for service, but you have to turn them away because you are "fully booked" with people who may or may not show up.
  • Had your schedule thrown out of whack because of people who are late for their appointments?
  • Tried to keep track of people wanting to come in if you get any openings on a certain date.

We have heard stories like these from friends in different service industries, and it frustrates us as much as it frustrates them. 

When you use FloqReady™,  we make it easy to manage your customer flow:

Sign up for FloqReady and answer a few questions about your service.

Two flamingoes standing.

Let people know that you are a FloqReady service provider on your website, social media, etc.

Enjoy the flow of happy customers and wonder why no one has ever thought of this before.

FloqReady is the technology you need today.

What you can expect:

  • FloqReady automatically adjusts the people in line based on expected time of arrival using GPS tracking.
  • FloqReady will seamlessly combine clients from your waitlist into confirmed appointments to fill any gaps in your schedule.
  • See that you are going to have a slow day?  Attract new clients by offering a special to FloqTime™ bookings.
  • Spend less time and resources on filling and confirming appointments, and more on doing what you love.

What you might not have considered:

  • How many clients have your personal cell phone number? 
  • What if an appointment is missed or put in for the wrong date and/or time because it was done over text message?
  • How do you notify clients if you are running behind?
  • How often are you interrupted because people are blowing up your phone to book a service, or make a change to their appointment?


We love to see people doing what they love.  We want to remove the hassle from managing the flow of your customers, and we are creating tools to do just that.  Sign up now and start thriving instead of hoping people will show up.

Are You Tired of Waiting?

Most people spend 5 years of their lives waiting: for service, for appointments, for customers. Technology can remove the wait and hassle for both customers and service providers.

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